SL Home Fashions Inc - Found sewn rats in comforter

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I bought a comforter from a store and I was real excited to finally replace my old set of bed covers.I bought it for a decent price, and expecting a decent quality since it seems like a great find.

When I opened it and start laying it out to inspect the quality, a distinct foul smell emerged out from opening the bag. I was cautious and find myself afraid to open the product any further but curiosity took the best of me, I laid out the comforter and found a rat sewn on my comforter. It was horrifying, I was furious. I found this company who manufactured it (that is if you even call this a company) and sent out a complaint to the store and hopefully this company learn their lesson to maybe they should shut down their company, because they can't even seize to check their quality that its terrible!

How can you possibly miss that?!

someone has stuck a needle through a rat through and through to get this executed and ship out to customers!This is by far the scariest thing I've ever experience.

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I found this totally impossible to believe!!

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